Service by COLLINS offers a full line of quality funeral services. We have a wide selection of caskets, urns, and clothing to fit every budget. We are a full-service funeral home specializing in:

  • Insurance - Collins offers burial insurance up to $900.00, and through Unity Life Insurance Company up to $5000.00 in benefits. A licensed agent will help develop a plan, which will assure adequate coverage for funeral and burial expense.

  • Monuments - At some time you will wish to place a permanent marker at the gravesite of your deceased loved one. We can help you with the selection of a monument and also arrange to have it set upon arrival. You may not be thinking about placing such an order just yet, but we feel it is important to let you know that it usually takes from 6 to 8 weeks from the date the order is placed to when it is actually set. Sometimes the monument is wanted by a certain date- Birthday, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, etc. - so please keep in mind the time period for the order.

  • Special Limousine & Transport Services

  • Funeral Program Design & Printing 

  • Domestic & International Shipping 

  • Pre-Need & Post Need Arrangements

  • Caskets, Vaults & Urns 

  • Obituary Support

  • Funeral Services

  • Notary Public

  • Cremations

  • Aftercare

Collins Northside Chapel and Business Offices Open Daily for Weddings, Graduations, Musicals, Fashion Shows, Business Meetings, Family and Friends Visitations

The Abundant Living Center Accommodates Receptions, Workshops, Parties, Weddings, Family and Class Reunion, Dinners, Banquets, Business Meetings, Mary Rayford Collins Reading Room

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